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It is important to note that Smith River California is located some 350 miles south of Portland and 350 miles North of San Francisco. We are additionally 2 hours west of Interstate 5 right on the California/Oregon border on the coast. Located right along HYW 101

All Shipments are made FOB Smith River CA.

Plant shipping sizes:

2.25-INCH:Plants are packed 63 per box in cases measuring 14 X 21 X 10.5 inches. Occupying 1.78 cubic feet. Weight is near 20 pounds per case.

4-INCH; Plants are packed 24 per box in cases measuring 14 X 21 X 10.5 inches. Occupying 1.78 cubic feet. Weight is near 20 pounds per case.

1.5 QT; Plants are packed 15 per box in cases measuring 14x21x13 inches. Occupying 2.2 cubic feet. Weight is near 28 pounds per case.

2 QT TREES; Plants are packed 18 per box in cases measuring 14 X 21 X 29 inches. Occupying 4.9 cubic feet. Weight is near 42 pounds per case. 

Basic methods of shipping: 


 We can ship directly from our dock Full truck loads. approximate figures of like product in a full trailer are as follows. If your order is of truck load qty just say when and we make the load happen. 

53 foot trailer 1290 1.5qt cases~19,350pots

53 foot trailer 1675 4" cases ~40,200 pots 


Pool Trucking is the most common form of shipping. Any Order that is smaller than a truck load qty generally will ship this method. The Pool Trucker is someone who will work directly with the broker as far as committing to the load and billing. We will act as an agent getting the info on what there is to ship. Coordinating with the pool trucker as to when and where to get them the freight. We take care of the delivery to the pool trucker or setting up a pickup at our dock. For years there had been a pool trucking company known to manyas NDI opperated by Woodburn Azalea. However they are gone now and in their place is the primary pool trucker known as Direct Trucking. 


Is the Primary Pool trucker operating out of the Northwest. See the link below for their rate sheet and contact info.

Download pdf DIRECT TRUCKING current rate sheet

Direct's main west coast hub is in Chehalis Washington. We ship product to them off of our own trucks charging the fee listed in the pricing sheets. They (direct trucking) make deliveris all acorss the country. Please take time to check out their rate sheets. Direct does their best to handle freight as they can. Sometimes they may have to charge out of route charges if the order is too far out of the way. But generally speaking they stick pretty closely to the rate sheet. Direct owns their own fleet of trucks mostly opperated with dual drivers so they are quite quick on their normal delivery routs. However during busy times they as all carriers have to bring in contracted drivers who are often single drivers. So delivery times can vary but for the most part they are quite fast. All these trucks are temperature controled. This is the trucking company of choice and unless you are specifying otherwsie our LTL loads will be tendered with this company.


This company is located for in Oxnard CA. They have a remote tendering point in the Portland OR area but generally speaking shippments with this company must be Common Carriered directly to Oxnard for distribution. Recently we have achieved good communication with this carrier and they often have the ability to make shipments happen when no one else sems to be able to. Pricey but a pricey choice is sometimes better than no choice! A good contact person for freight there is Nicole Muller.    1-800-327-7887


Prime has locations across the country. Their closest one to us for which we can get to with our company delivery trucks is in Wilsonville OR. Prime can be found at or phoned at 1-800-514-3130. Brokers must make all arangements with this company as far as bookings, BOL, deliveries, etc. We have not had sucess shipping with this distributor in recent memory. 


Common carriers are a description for trucking companies like Fed Ex freight, USF Reddaway, Conway, Oak Harbor. etc. Unrefridgerated pup trailer distribution companies which we utilize to ship on the the West coast. For the most part freezing is not an issue here on the west coast so these carriers can be used with great sucess. They are very inexpensive anc can often deliver plants in a 1 to 2 day window and being as cheap as 5 to 30 cents a plant for shipmets. Pricing varies all over the map based on size, qty, location, etc. But quotes are available.We currently work primarily with Oak Harbor Freight but also can and have worked with Fed Ex freight and others listed above. We will investigate several different means of shipping with these carriers to get the best price points. Most of the time we must pre pay for your freight and add it to your invoice to get the best rates locked in.    


We will mke direct deliveries to your customer off of our own truck (one is pictured above). These trucks are temperature controled and run mostly to Oregon and Washington. Depending upon volume may also run into California. Costs are listed in the price sheets at $3.00 per case in the Portland/Oregon area and $4.00 per case in the Seattle/Washington area. $100 minimums apply. We also use this truck to make all deliveries to location like the Airport and Direct trucking to name a few. Rates for deliveries to alternate carriers are charged at $2.00 a box with no minimum.  


We make deliveries to the airport in both Portland as a primary location and Seattle as a secondary location. All airfreight shippments are insulated with styrofoam peanuts to ensure against temperature and rough handeling damage. We can ship with multiple carriers but require you the broker to have a account number with that carrier. Detailed air bill info is needed on your purchase order in order to correctly ship your product air freight. We fill out all AWB as phone on arrival and cannot be held responsible for secondary delivery companies once the product arrives at destination terminal. Often times these delivery companies do not account for freezing temperatures on the delivering side. 

Air Overnight services:

UPS and Fed Ex express are options for small order. Note that costs are high and must always be shipped with a no slower than 2 day service. 


Currently we are looking into the services of Plant Peddeler as well as DV Floral. If we find compelling service options with either we will list their info soon.