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It is important to note that Smith River California is located some 350 miles south of Portland and 350 miles North of San Francisco. We are additionally 2 hours west of Interstate 5 right on the California/Oregon border on the coast. Located right along HYW 101

All Shipments are made FOB Smith River CA.

Plant shipping sizes:

4-INCH; Plants are packed 24 per box in cases measuring 14 X 21 X 10.5 inches. Occupying 1.78 cubic feet. Weight is near 21 pounds per case.

1.5 QT; Plants are packed 15 per box in cases measuring 14x21x13 inches. Occupying 2.2 cubic feet. Weight is near 30 pounds per case.

PALLETIZED: Many companies require shipments to be palletized. Freight rates are often based on full pallet qtys and in the end if your order is less than pallet qtys you are often going to pay the freight on a full pallet. We ship everything boxed and ship on 2 different sized pallets when they are needed. The main size is the larger truck pallet. However there are some carriers who require the standard dimensions.

STANDARD TRUCK PALLET 48"x40" (85" high)- We can get 30cs 1.5qt on this standard pallet and 40cs 4" or some combination of the two on a single standard truck pallet. 

LARGE TRUCK PALLET 52"x48" (85" high)- We can get 42cs 1.5qt on this larger pallet and 56cs 4" or some combination of the two on a single large truck pallet.

Basic methods of shipping: 


 We can ship directly from our dock Full truck loads. approximate figures of like product in a full trailer are as follows. If your order is of truck load qty just say when and we make the load happen. 

53 foot trailer 1290 1.5qt cases~19,350pots

53 foot trailer 1675 4" cases ~40,200 pots 


Pool Trucking is the most common form of shipping. Any Order that is smaller than a truck load qty generally will ship this method. Companies operating 3rd party pool trucking have become scarce on the west coast. In years past shipping was dominated by NDI (operated by Woodburn Nursery). Then after NDI shut down Direct trucking took the reigns and hauled most nursery stock from the pacific northwest. Since their sell out to Armellini, Armellini has taken those responsibilities. However since COVID Armellini has curtailed most if not all of their non standard shipments and virtually nothing makes their routes. So in the interim we at D&W have been matching product up to fill trucks we locate and dispatching them ourselves.


This company is located in Oxnard CA. They have a remote tendering point in Chehalis WA (which is the old Direct trucking location). They have a varying price schedule that generally has a discounted rate for something tendering to their Washington terminal. However since COVID they have rejected most locations unless your customer the Ship to has an account with them in good standing. They have also been resistant to adding new accounts. If you would like to use Armellini it is suggested you and your customer make arrangements far in advance with Armellini as to getting approval and an account set up. This process often take upwards of 30 days. Contact phone is 1-800-327-7887. A good contact is Chrissy. Christine Valvano 772-287-0575 ex11610.


Plants Express also known as Plant Peddler has also been a pool trucker that we have been able to get a few orders shipped with. Generally they have great difficulty matching anything up and reliability to execute has been low. But if you have a good connection with them and communication it has been workable. Their biggest obstacle has been that they do not have a pacific northwest terminal and rely on the ability to pickup the product in the correct order from the growers locations. We are a remote location so we generally have to find a location more suitable to first ship the product to that can hold for plants express to pick up. Known contact emails include and a possible phone number 417-469-3413.  


Common carriers are a description for trucking companies like Fed Ex freight, USF Reddaway, Conway, Oak Harbor. etc. Unrefridgerated pup trailer distribution companies which we utilize to ship on the the West coast. For the most part freezing is not an issue here on the west coast so these carriers can be used with great sucess. They are very inexpensive and can often deliver plants in a 1 to 2 day window and cheap in comparison to refrigerated pooling. Pricing varies all over the map based on size, qty, location, etc. But quotes are available. We currently work primarily with Oak Harbor Freight delivering to all points in CA, OR, WA, ID. We also make shipments with Fed ex freight generally going to areas outside of the aforementioned Oak harbor points. Fed ex service in our area is greatly impacted and takes without fail 3+ days just to get 300 miles from our location to the main hub in Sacramento CA. However we plan for this can mitigate any issues that could arise in this part of the journey. However be advised that since COVID as most have found Fed ex services of all types can encounter extreme delays. its not uncommon to find a 3 day point taking 8 days. Locations we have been comfortable shipping into with Fed Ex freight include AZ, NM, TX, UT, CO. points past this are very extended and are not recommended. We always investigate the best options form our end and accounts but we strongly suggest that you the broker use your own accounts to get quotes and time lines and bill directly.     


We will make direct deliveries to your customer off of our own truck (one is pictured above). These trucks are temperature controled and run mostly to Oregon and Washington. Depending upon volume may also run into California. Costs are listed in the price sheets. This truck is also used to get many shipments from our dock to alternate carriers talked about here like Airports, armellini, etc. 


We make deliveries to the airport in both Portland as a primary location and Seattle as a secondary location. All airfreight shipments are insulated with styrofoam peanuts to ensure against temperature and rough handling damage. We can ship with multiple carriers but require you the broker to have a account number with that carrier. Detailed air bill info is needed on your purchase order in order to correctly ship your product air freight. We need you the broker to fill out AWB's so as to get the proper info. We can transpose some info and give recommendations. We will help with bookings and get the product dropped at the airport accordingly. 

Air Overnight services:

UPS and Fed Ex express are options for small order. Note that costs are high and must always be shipped with a no slower than 2 day service and billed to either the broker or customers account.


Let us know if you have any other shipping methods you would like to use. We are always receptive to new means.